We offer secure and fast hosting for your website. We provide anti-virus and anti-spam protection. We enable creating any number of e-mail boxes in your own domain. We provide constant and free support as part of the services provided.


Secure and fast hosting

When you buy server space from one supplier, you usually need someone who will be able to use and manage this space. The number of service providers and invoices is greater and, above all, the implementation process takes a longer time than expected. 

Our experience based on hundreds of completed projects has confirmed our belief that ordinary hosting is not enough. Therefore, we provide services not available to other hosting providers in the form of a full implementation of needs within the server, continuous customer support and monitoring the correctness of the system’s operation.

All this while ensuring full security of the site and data located on it 24 hours a day.

We adapt the hosting offer flexibly to your needs and type of business, so you pay only for the services you need.

Fixed price guarantee

29 zł/month


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